Saturday, November 5, 2011

I like a Converse "Taylored" Man

Hey guys here is a little inspiration on how to rock your converse kicks....... SWAGGGGGG!!!
Cargo Converse

The Look:
Pair your Chuck Taylors with a Grey denim, cargo or fitted pants w/ a graphic tank or a basic white tee for a clean look. Layering is always good especially as the weather gets colder. Top the look with a cable knit or wool cardigan and use the accessories for your pop of color.



"That Sh!T Kray" Jay Z and Kanye West the lyrical geniuses

"Niggas in Paris"- Jay Z and Kanye West from the "Watch the Throne" Album. The Hook goes "Ball so hard motherfuckers wanna find me... That shit Kray... That shit Kray"..... Its not "Crazy" ... That shit "Kray".

Jay Z and Kanye West are known for the metaphors they use in their lyrics. They will have you thinking he is saying something else because I definitely thought he was saying "Crazy". But being Jay Z, a smart lyricist and one who always have symbolism behind his lines ofcourse he had 2 meanings. Thanks to my boy Kwasie Kessie I learned the meaning to the hook in one of their songs.

"That shit Kray". The word Kray is used as a reference to the schizophrenic twin brothers Ronald and Reginald Kray. The Twins were the most infamous gangland leaders in London in the 1960's. They were known for getting away with vicious crimes and disappearing. Eventually the two were caught and served years behind bars and died for health reasons.

Now the hook even makes more sense. "Ball so hard motherfuckers wanna find me... That shit Kray"... lol Yea they looking for you the same way they haunted down "The Krays".  Check the symbolism...

Love Live Style