Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Fab Five": A Sistas top 5 Cosmetic Bag Essentials by Makeup Artist Janene Manswell

Hey Guys,
So this is for my ladies that love to wear makeup or those who are afraid to take that next step. I understand some people love to reveal their natural glow but I must say there is nothing wrong with a "beated" face.
Thanks to Make up artist and Color Specialist at Sephora,
 Janene Manswell.

Janene shared her expertise and gave us "Five Fabulous" tips to upgrade our cosmetic bag.

A Sistas top 5 Cosmetics bag Essentials! Mmmmm Hmmmm!

1. Liner
-  Define the eyes with kohl waterproof liner. Waterproof to avoid smudging and running over your face. When applying to the top lid, close your eye and hold up lid. Apply along lash line to avoid seeing skin between lashes and liner.

-Remember, the darker the more intense so apply as needed.

Suggestion product:
Guerlain Terrocatta  khol liner $36 sold at Sephora.

          2. Foundation powder
-    -Makeup tends to look more attractive and clean when we have a clean canvas (even complexion). Even if you use a liquid or cream foundation always have a powder to set it. Especially for those with oily skin, powder will reassure the longevity of your makeup wear throughout the day… (wink).

-Remember, Powder absorbs moisture/oil. Most people get oily I the T-Zones area(nose and forehead)

     - Most African Americans have yellow undertone. Makeupforever provides a wide range of undertones in their products. You want a product to match your undertone for a perfect match. Otherwise, your complexion will give an off color or ashy look.

Suggestion Product:
Makeup Forever Duo Mat Powder $32 Sold at Sephora

3.  Cheek Blush/Bronze
-   No one wants dull skin. After achieving you clean canvas, add a little “Cheek Pop”!! Apply a little blush or Bronzer to the apples of your cheeks then gently stroke upward along cheek bone. If you’d like a little a little color add blush, if you’d like more of a” glowy” complexion, use a bronzer close to your skin complexion, for natural looking radiant skin

-   Remember, the lighter the application- the more natural looking.

Suggestion Product:
   I like to use these products on more brown skin tones.
      MAC Cosmetics, Blush: Breezy, or Bronzer Format $19.50
Sold at any MAC stand or store location
-Depending on what type of girl you are you may prefer a lot or less color. Some glosses provide very pigmented color while other provide sheer. I’m sure we all want a gloss that is long lasting, non sticky and doesn’t give us that white residue line after a half an hour wear or so

-  Remember, use a lip liner for perfect shaped lips, before applying gloss!

Suggestion Product:
Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss $21
       Sold at any Bobbi Brown stand in department stores and selected Sephora locations.

   5.  Mascara
 -We all want Mascara that gives us different options. Whether its full voluminous, separated or long lashes. Here’s a mascara that gives you everything you need!
The more you stroke your lashes the more dramatic they become.
No, flaking or smudging with this product. Waterproof version is available as well. Waterproof is always
better when it comes to long lasting beauty. Use makeup remover to remove.

- Remember, pumping your mascara only dries it out. Twist, and pull outward to help mascara last.

Suggestion Product: 
Dior Iconic $24.50

By: Janene Manswell

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