Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lavie Clothing Co. "The Noir Collection"

Lavie Clothing had a Presentation Event last week at an art gallery. They presented their new colllection: The Noir Collection.

"The Noir Collection makes a conscious effort to rise above its competition. By raising all standards, The Noir Collection successfully introduces innovative accents and details to the garments. The monochromatic tone of the collection encouraged the designers to include new cutlines, fabric complementation, hardware, and functionality to the collection. The Noir Collection has exposed a new dimension of the Lavie brand, aside from its recognized contemporary wear, the brand has proven that it can also create garments that are tailored and detail oriented. Rarely can one discover a brand that can madterfully combine juxtaposing aesthetics,street and chic, while creating a new dynamic - Lavie is that brand."

I give alot of respect to these latin designers. check out some of the clothing I was able to snap a picture of

Make sure you check out more clothing from Lavie here:

Main Site:
online Shop:

Love Live Style

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pink Velvet Designs - Stylish Accessory Line

Every Female should have a collection of Accessories. Whether its a dope ring, chuncky necklace or a variety of bracelets, accesories add flavor to any outfit.

You can definetly find some hot pieces at Pink Velvet Designs.


Be Yourself. Love Yourself. Spoil Yourself.
An air of unapologetic sexiness surrounds this jewelry by New York-based designer, Adrianne C. Smith of Pink Velvet Designs (PVD). Established in 2009, Pink Velvet Designs’ signature pieces like the Jungle Chain & Bow Necklace and the Goddess Bib Necklace are featured in the Spring/Summer 2011 Chain Reaction Collection, a vibrant collaboration of gold, black, silver, and gunmetal chain necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.
Since its inception into the fashion world, PVD has been seen on the runway, fashion look books, on BET’s 106&Park, and featured on several fashion blogs and websites. In such a short time, Pink Velvet Designs is becoming the go-to for glamorous yet economical fashion jewelry and accessories. With its part inspirational part shopaholic-prone slogan, “Be Yourself. Love Yourself. Spoil Yourself.” Adrianne wanted to create a brand representing a woman who appreciates a fun yet glamorous and sophisticated yet edgy style, much like her own. Adrianne is an advocate for building self-confidence and self-worth in young girls and woman; she is active in her local church’s youth ministry, helping to encourage and promote the message of loving yourself no matter how different you look from another person and staying true to self. Adrianne says, “I would wear every piece of jewelry in my collection, because I stayed true to myself in creating each piece. I am a fabulous woman and every piece of jewelry in my collection is fabulous. So I want my consumer to feel the same way when wearing Jewelry by Pink Velvet Designs…Fabulous!!! ”

Indulge yourself in this custom designed, finely crafted jewelry collection.

Check Out celebrities in Pink Velvet Designs



Stefani Vara

You can check out her pieces at

Love Live Style


Men Step Your Outerwear Game Up (Fall/Winter 2010/11 Hottest Styles)

Hey Fellas,

The weather is definetly getting colder and fellas now its time to show your swag. In the summer everyone is fly with your white tee, jeans and dope sneakers. Well now its time guys to get it popping. I am here to help you out.

Check out these dope outerwear jackets I found:

Closed denim  Denim w/ Sheep Skin Collar

Zara  Denim w/ Sheep Skin Collar

Forever21  Wool Coat w/  Toggle Buttons

Forever21 2 Tone Leather Jacket

Forever21 leather w/ kint sleeve jacket

Zara Leather and Sheep Skin Reversible coat

Public School Oilve green 4 pocket leather

Ralph Lauren leather Shirling

Zara Trench Shearling Leather

Triple Fat Goose Varsity Style bubblevest
Billionaire Boys Club leather shoulder vest

Billionaire Boys Club Wool bubble w/ sheep skin collar

Billionare Boys Club Varsity Jacket

Love Live Style


Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010 (Celebrity Dress up)

Hey People,

Hope your weekend was fun and safe. Halloween is always a great time to impersonate your favorite, celebrity or character. My friends and I def was in the halloween spirit this year and dressed up as our alter egos. Check it out and tell me how you think we did:

The Football Player

The Jail bird

Drake & Lil Wayne

Mork & Mindy

He said he was Kanye but he looks like Lupe to me


Lil Wayne

Snooki Again

Snoop Dogg & Game

The Lil Hula Girl 

Strawberry Shortcake

And I decided to bring out my my Barbie side. I needed to get the write supplies to make it happen. Check it out:

The Barbie Necklace straight from baby himself

Def had to get the buttpad

Got the Bonde wig

And Tada!!!!!!!!!!

And Again

It was def some excitement to do this. I hope you all enjoyed.