Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lavie Clothing Co. "The Noir Collection"

Lavie Clothing had a Presentation Event last week at an art gallery. They presented their new colllection: The Noir Collection.

"The Noir Collection makes a conscious effort to rise above its competition. By raising all standards, The Noir Collection successfully introduces innovative accents and details to the garments. The monochromatic tone of the collection encouraged the designers to include new cutlines, fabric complementation, hardware, and functionality to the collection. The Noir Collection has exposed a new dimension of the Lavie brand, aside from its recognized contemporary wear, the brand has proven that it can also create garments that are tailored and detail oriented. Rarely can one discover a brand that can madterfully combine juxtaposing aesthetics,street and chic, while creating a new dynamic - Lavie is that brand."

I give alot of respect to these latin designers. check out some of the clothing I was able to snap a picture of

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