Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thank You to everyone who supported the MusicFashionModels Fashion Show 12.7.08

Hey guys ofcourse I did It again. My second show. "I cant stop, wont stop" LOL But im definetly on a roll. They just keep coming. Thanks to Shenika Williams for reaching out to me and allowing me to participate in her Fashion Exposure Show on 12.7.08. It was great. Teyanna Taylor came through to show her support and the show showcased some very talented upcoming designers. My longtime friend Kells, CEO of Heart of The City clothing line was in the building, show casing his tshirts, hoodies and sweaters with their heart logo. Definetly hot,please check out his Heartofthecity myspace page. Also a line called Kissed By Rain was in the building. All I can say is Feirce. Love her designs, great inspiration. This was a Fabulous Show. Check Out some pics below:


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