Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Day with DJ Diamond Kuts (Exclusive Interview)

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Last week, I went shopping with DJ Diamond Kuts for the Hip Hop Awards. We went to Urban Outfitters to pick out some looks. As we shopped I used this time to get to know Diamond. Check out her responses:

Dina: Where are you originally from/Where do u reside?

Diamond: I'm Originally From Philly Pa. I lived in South Jersey for a while too.

Dina: What school did you attend and what was your major?
Diamond: I Attended Seton Hill University and My Major Was Communication.
Dina: How long have you been DJing?
Diamond: I've been djing for 9 years and professionally for about 5

Dina: When did you first realize you wanted to DJ?
Diamond; I realized I wanted to start djing after I kept playing on this djs turntables at one of my birthday parties. It seemed like he was having fun and I wanted to try it out

Dina: How long have you been DJing for "the Deal"?/How did u get this Gig?
Diamond: I've Been Djing on the deal from its beginning I got the job by guest djing on rap city so many times that I grew close with the staff and when they decided to do a new show I was first pick for the dj. Its been fun and a great experience.
Dina: What are some other gigs that you have?
Diamond: My other gig is of course parties and Radio, Power 99 FM In Philly

Dina: What is the Murda Mamis?How long and how did you become part of that?
Diamond: Murda Mamis is a clique of some of the hottest females in the industry that's doing there thing in the Entertainment world. I've been down with MM for well over 4yrs

Dina: What are some other things that you like to do?
Diamond: When I'm not working I love to spend time with my family. They are most important to me or laying around and watching a million movies.

Dina: Where do u see yourself in 5yrs?
Diamond: In 5 yrs I would like to be alive first and foremost; With a platinum album and still maintaining my TV and Radio job.

Dina: How would you describe your style?
Diamond: My Style is laid back, I'm somewhat of a sneaker head and when appropriate I like to dress up.

Dina: Who is your favorite Designer?
Diamond: My favorite designer issssss ??? I dunno lol I have a couple favorites, Hellz Bellz, Married To The Mob, of course Urban outfitters, 7 Jeans, Rock & Republic, Buffalo Jeans as far as sneakers go I'm Not a big label freak so all of the Gucci Printed, Louis Vuitton Sneaks don't really phase me. I can settle for some Jordans, Addidas, dope Nikes, or just some hot looking sneaks. I know I'm missing a lot of names but that's good enough lol

Dina: What is something that every women should have in there closet/Every Men should have?
Diamond: Every man and women should have some clean draws and socks in their closet lol nah every man should have a pair of J's in there closet. AT LEAST 1 PAIR. For all the ladies like me who may hate to wear shoes we should at least have 5 pairs of shoes or Boots in the closet. Even if u know u won't ever wear them. Just have it anyway :-/ you never know

Dina: What are some suggestions u would have for aspiring DJs who would like to break into the industry?
Diamond: All the aspiring djs out there know your music, know your crowd when rocking the clubs or radio. And study the actual technique of djing and all kinds of music, stay focused and more importantly Practice Practice Practice.
Check out some flicks we took while we were shopping:

I definetly had a blast with Diamond. Make sure you check out her website
Stay tuned in for more "Behind the Scene of BET" Interviews.

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