Thursday, October 22, 2009

Motorcycle Love: My Look for Today

Hey guys,
From here on I will post my inspiration for what I wear everday on a regular basis. Yesterdays inspiration was "Combat Attack". I am so in love with my black combat boots I had to share the way I rocked it with you guys. I did it simple with a green plaid shirt that I embellished with studs.(I will post a pic later) some H&M jeans and my self studded leather jacket. Check out the leather jacket:
This is a Fall Must Have. You can either purchase a studded leather jacket, or you get a leather and stud it yourself. You can purchase some studs from a variety of trim stores in the Fashion District. You can check M&J Trimming.

Today I am feeling like a Motorcycle Rider. Since I was young I always wanted to purchase a motorcycle and always loved the edgy style of a bike rider. Today I am showing the biker in me. You can put the look together to. Chek it out:

The focus of this look are the motorcycle boots. I am rocking it with some black printed leggings from Forever 21, a black graphic racer back tank from Urban Outfitters, Black Cardigan, and a Green Leather Blazer.

Love Live Style


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