Saturday, November 12, 2011

"LifeStyle Spotlite":Visual Displays

Today I hit the city and the streets of Fashion Ave. I stopped by a Mood Fabric store searching for some fabric.. Stay tune for the final product.

I decided to hit 34th street to see what the stores had and some of the latest trends.

My first stop was Forever 21. I must say I like this store because it is affordable and they have great pieces that you can mix and match with what you already have in your wardrobe. Even though some pieces are "give and take" if you know how to style a look you will be fine. What really caught my eye was the visual display that was on the 2nd Flr. Its a really funky and colorful theme. I love the mannequins hair and the background.

My second stop was Uniglo. Uniglo also has great pieces at an affordable price and good quality. They have great Japanese denim and most of there clothing are what they call "Heat Tech". Heat Tech meaning that during the cold weather the clothing stores heat. I must say this is true. I purchased some socks and my feet are warmer then ever. Uniglo is another store that has great Visuals. Check out what they had:

Look closely. At first I thought it as one coat. When I asked a sales person to show me where they coat was, she told me that it was a puffer skirt and a puffer jacket upside down. That was soo clever. The visual really created a stylish display. Here are the 2 pieces:




Nova bX Stand Up said...

Owww keep up the good work <3

DBrown said...

Thanks Nova, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I want to do a post on you regarding the great Community Service work that you do.