Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Hidden Treasure" NYC Fashion Part I : APT 141 & No Relation Vintage Store

Hidden Treasures: I will be touring different cities looking for hidden fashion stores, monuments, and anything that I find of importance and would like to share with my readers. As you read in my previous post I started my search in NYC the city where im from. My first store was Beacon Closet located on 13th st. I invited two close friends to join in on the journey. As we worked our way to our next location we spotted another small boutique called Apt141. I became amazed with the clothing that the store sold and its unique setup. There was an African American man outside of the store fixing the garment racks and I started to question him. He stated that he was the owner of the boutique and was one of the last remaining black store owners in the neighborhood. The store sells Ready to Wear women clothing with a Vintage inspiration.

Check out some pics I was able to take:

For more info on the store check out their website

Our next stop was the Vintage store called No Relation located on 1st ave bet 13th and 12th st. This Vintage store had some really great pieces from shearling coats to leather motorcyle jackets to Sequin dresses. This I would say is a one stop shop where you are bound to find a one of a kind pieces.

Check out some of what we found:

Make sure you tune back in for more footage from my "Hidden Treasures" Tour.



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