Monday, December 12, 2011

"LifeStyle Spotlite": Prinze Naki Eyewear

Accessory trends are becoming more and more popular every day. From Stylish Handbags to jewlery to now eyewear it seems like everyone is trying to get a taste of a stylish piece. My first glimpse into stylish eyewear designs have been those of Grace Jones, Madonna, Beyonce and Rihanna. At first they were hard to get a hold on but more and more designers are picking up on the trend. I met a really talented eyewear designer. Here is his story:

Naki Carey is a Washington DC native who is merging quickly in the Fashion and Entertainment industry. His interest began in 2006 at a High School Fashion Show then later on  he branch off to modeling, Not soon after that he became a Runway Instructor, Creative Coordinator (Working behind the scenes) and Photo-shoot Director. June, 2010 was the Mark when he started to create "Over the Top" Eyewear pieces. He started by using miscellaneous pieces around the house and turned the into work of art. Naki plans on bringing the industry nothing but Creativity and Over The Top Designs. "SO BE READY TO BE BOLD"

Check out more of his designs at:



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