Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So guys I finally did it. On friday, September 19, 2008 my life changed. (LOL) And I am so in love with my new look. Change is good guys sometimes its hard to do, but when its for the better the aftermath is refreshing. I have been saying I was gonna cut my hair for about 6 years (No bullshit) but I never had the balls to do it until friday. I went to a hairstylist:

Michelle White
J'rdin Hair Studio
2311 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.
Bet. 135th & 136th
Harlem, NY 10030

I must say Michelle is the bomb. I was so nervous that I went to meet her the day before to have a mental session with her. Really to see her in action. She was doing this other lady hair and she hooked her shit up. I told her the look that I was goin for and she told me not to worry she would give me a real edgy look. Thats exactly what I needed. I am a designer for god sake. I need to look the part and your hair plays a major role in your appearance.

When I went in on Friday I had butterflies in my stomach. I even printed out pictures. I wanted the Kelis cut. I sat in the chair and when I started to describe it all I heard was (shhh,shhh,shhh) She was just cutting away. My heart almost stopped, but it was a pleasurable pain. When she was done I was very pleased with the out come. Michelle White is the way to go ladies. She is mean with the scissors and can style her ass off. Thanks Michelle for making me feel like a new women. (LOL)

Before & After



sameuglyfaces said...

you look GAWJUUSSSS!!

Tiffany said...

This is gonna seem somewhat random, but I used to go to Michelle for my hair. I was wondering if you could post her number as I am trying to get in contact with her again.

And yes, your hair does look great!