Monday, September 15, 2008


So I am so excited to share this with everyone. on Saturday, Sep. 14, My homeboy and his promotional company Loyalty Entertainment organized a Back to School concert in Albany at Times Union Center. LL Cool J, Keisha Cole, Neyo, 50 cent and G unit performed.
So here is a run down of the event. Although 50 was the last performer, I have no choice but to begin with him. He had the best performance and had the crowd hyped. The highlight of the performance was when 50 performed his first single from his new album. (LOL) Check it out!

50 straight played Kanye West. He mocked his "Love Lockdown" song and performance. After performing this song he stated, "So this is what you like?This the type of shit you like? You see what happens when you dont fuck with 50? You see? This is what happens? But I forgive you" Even though I actually like this Kanye Song, it was hilarious!

The best part of the show I was part of. 50 called for 2 girls to come up on stage with him and I was one of them. I was a little confused when he pointed to me but when I finally came to reality, I said to myself. "Here is your 3 minutes of Fame!"(I'm telling you it must have been my Prada blinged out glasses that caught his attention.) Any how by the time I got on stage he was freaking the other lady. I started dancing on him but when I realized he was focusing on the other girl, I decided to take over the stage.(LOL, I had so much fun.)


The show was very exciting although the stadium was not packed and could have been held in a smaller venue, all of the artist that performed were amazing! LL Cool J definetly surprised me. He was the first to perform. He is old as hell but still looks and performs like he is 17. (OK maybe not 17 but he looked Damn good!) He had on a red EXIT 13 t shirt promoting his new album. The bling on that shirt was bananas.


2nd up was Keisha Cole.She also did an amazing job. When she was performing, I was focusing on her male dancers. They were excellent. Whoever choreographs for them, KUDOS to you! Keisha Cole's voice has improved so much. She ended her performance with a song dedicated to her mom about when she abandoned her as a little girl. It is a very emotional song and you can hear and feel the pain in her voice.

Finally there was Neyo. Neyo made sure that everyone in the audience knew the songs tht he wrote for different artist (He played (Beyonce) Irreplaceable, (Jennifer Hudson) Spotlight, and (Take A Bow) Rihanna just to name a few). His performance was also amazing. However I have to give respect to his dancers that did not miss a step and wore the some very stylish outfits.

I really enjoyed this show!!!!!! (Good Job Loyalty Entertainment)


Roslyn said...

Neither 50, nor Fatty could keep up. You KILLED IT THOUGH, MYRTLE :) I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN! Love you!

Kima B. said...

wTs uP dIna..IDK wT dAt oTha GuRl wAs doIn..bT yU kiLlEd iT aT dT cOncert!jUsT lYke a BROWN wUd dO..bT yU stIlL aInT bEtTa dAn m3.....