Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hey Everyone,

So Fashion week is just about over and I am a little ashame because I didnt get to attend any Mercedes Benz Fashion Shows. :-( I have got to do better) I am new to this Blog thing but part of my inspiration to do a Blog was because I was researching how to get into a fashion show and they said If you are part of new media which includes bloggers. So I said Hey I wanna be a blogger maybe ill have a better chance of getting in. (But I think I started too late! LOL) Maybe next year.

Well even though I didn't get to go to a fashion show in Bryant Park. I did attend the ArtFul Dodger Collection Launch.

Here was the invite:

Very creative with the graphics.

This was really nice. It was at the chelsea museum and they had mannequins as displays with some of the designs from their new collection. Signiture Apparels Sari Beaz was responsible for the PR for the event and she did a wonderful job. Artful Dodger was purchased by Jay Z for 15 million dollars and him and Iconix are respoonsible for the companies marketing. Artful Dodger switched up on their image moving towards a real high end brand. One of the peices that stood out to me was a grey suede blazer with sequin, and embroidery design on the back. It was hot.

Check out some pic of Artful Dodger's new collection:



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