Monday, November 16, 2009

Tavi Gevinson 13 Year Old Fashion Blogger

Hey Fashionsitas, Fashionistos, and everyone else that just love to know what i am doing and what is on my mind,

I am sitting at work going through fashion magazines, looking for whats hot, what's new and just updating myself on some fashion news. As I browsed through Teen Vogue, December/January Issue, I bumped into an article about a 13 yr old fashion blogger named Tavi Gevinson. This little fashionista is the cutest thing and she knows her fashion. She became really popular when she attended every show and sat in the front row at  spring fashion week and caught attention from celebrities and other media professionals. She has a very 60's style, wearing oversized vintage pieces "glasses and quirky hats" -  says Teen Vogue.

Her Blog is called "Style Rookie", she talks about the fashion shows she attends, post pictures of collections that she likes, her recreating her favorite looks, and random pictures, movie clips, and stories about what influences her style.

I am absolutely in love with this kid, she is so stylish and ambitious. She knows what she wants and strives to achieve it. She is a success in the making and I look forward to seeing her  progress.

Check out some pics I got of Tavi Gevinson from her blog:

Please make sure you check out her blog:

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