Friday, November 13, 2009

What Really Happened That Night? Chris Brown vs Rihanna

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So I know everyone has been watching and listening to all the hype that has been going on around the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident. Coincidently they both are coming out with albums, and they both have a new single floating around the airways. So what does this mean? "PROMOTION" They are promoting their album. If you didn't know its all about publicity.

Last week Friday, Rihanna appeared on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer, here is a little bit of it:

After I watched the interview, I started to have mixed feelngs about Rihanna. Although I love her style and her music, I didn't feel that the interview was sincere. She threw Chris Brown under the bus. I do feel that Chris Brown was absolutely wrong for putting his hands on Rihanna however she stated in her interview that she did not hit Chris Brown. I absolutely do not believe that. Even though if she did hit Chris, it doesn't justify his actions but she is not taking any responsibility. Rihanna is West Indian and she is an Aquarius. Any female in a relationship with a a guy and feels that he is cheating on them and sees a text from anther female on his phone, please believe that a situation in going to happen.

Here is what I think happened:

According to sources Chris Brown was dealing with another girl and Rihanna found out about it when he was rehearsing for a performance. He handed someone else his phone and Rihanna took the phone, went through his text messages and found out he was dealing with another female. Rihanna asked him about the situation he denied and they argued about the situation continuosly.

The day of the Clive Davis Pre Grammy party Rihanna and Chris Brown had a few drinks. At the table Chris Brown recieved a text, Rihanna asked him about it he got angry and left the table.When Rihanna got to the car there was alot of anger in the air. Chris Brown recieved another text, Rihanna saw that the tex was from the same femaile that she approached him about previously. They began to argue as they drove off. Being a West Indian female and an Aquarious, I strongly belive that Rihanna tried to take Chris Brown phone, she mushed him in the head. Chris Brown pushed her away from him, continuously told her to stop. They continued to go back and forth yelling, screaming, and cursing at each other.After getting frustrated, they began to fight.Chris Brown did push her head into the dash board, and he did bite her.I abosolutely feel that Chris Brown was wrong for putting his hands on Rihanna, however, Rihanna needs to take responsibility of her actions as well.

This was Chris Brown interview on BET's 106 & Park If you missed it:


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