Monday, May 3, 2010

Diva Lounge Radio Show 4/30/10 Entertainment News

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If you missed Diva Lounge Radio this past Friday, you missed a very informative show. We had the pleasure of interviewing Cosmetic Line CEO/ Founder Vera Moore. Ms. Moore originally from Long Island entered the industry as an actress and then began developing her company Vera Moore Cosmetics. She has worked with some of the industries hottest celebrities doing makeup and now owns her own line which can be found in Duane Reades across the city. Ms. Moore is a inspiration for all young black women who are striving to build their own companies.

Please check out her website:

We also had the pleasure to interview actress and tv personality Tiffany Withers. Tiffany Withers born and raised in Harlem, New York started as a tv personality at BET and then began acting. She played in "Street Wars" and "Paper Soldier". Tiffany Withers is a prime example for young black women that if you have a dream continue to follow it.

Here is the Entertainment News that we discussed:

• Ludacris will be appearing in Trojan Magnum condom ads as part of their “Magnum Live Large” contest. So the contest gives fans a chance to win $5000 for penning lyrics to tracks available on
• Congratulations to Swizz Beatz, he will be honored with the “Inspiration” humanitarian Award at this year’s SESAC New York Music Award on May 12th. Through this award he is being recognized for his humanitarian work raisng money and awareness for Haiti relief.
• Mr. Marcus. ( You may now him from doing the video with Super Video) the book is Title “The Porn Star Guide to Great Sex”
• After serving 44 years in prison, Thomas Hagan, who admitted in participating in the assassination of Malcolm X, was released on Parol on Tuesday
• Reports say that Solar has been accused of beating Guru. Allegedy Solar’s Girlfriend said when she was 3 months pregnant Solar and Guru had a fight, Solar beat him up bad to where Guru started hyperventilating. She says that the had an unhealthy relationship and that Solar stop Guru from communicating with his family. Also Guru sister said the family found out about his death via media. DJ Premier stated that he went to see Guru in the hospital and he was gone so he doesn’t believe that he wrote that letter and tweeted. Also he said he was pissed becase if Solar was so called taking care of him why in the world was his nails longand dirty and hair not groomed.

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