Friday, May 28, 2010

Diva Lounge/BET/Fashion Row/Touch Of Heaven/Vera Moore Donates to Bronx HS

As people grow in their career, never forget where you come from. Although you may be fortunate in your opportunities there are so many others that are less fortunate. Remember the youth and always try to give back to your community.

Last wee Diva Lounge got the opportunity to collaborate with BET/Fashion Row/Touch Of Heaven Hair Salon & Vera Moore Cosmetics. We joined forces and donated prom dress to 8 less fortunate Bronx teens. New Explorers HS in the Bronx had their Prom this past wednesday and when I got the call that they were in need of dresses, make-up, and hair, I immediately jumped on it. In our BET Wardrobe office we already had a few dresses to send, Rachel Roy donated 4 dresses, a few of my friends went around collecting about a total of 12 dress. It was such a great turn out. Special thanks to Touch of Heaven Hair Salon Located on 169th street and Grant Avenue in the Bronx. They did 6 of the girls hair free of charge. Vera Moore Cosmetics donated 15 cosmetic bags with lipgloss in it. The girls looked so beautiful and it was a great success.

Check out some of the pics:

It was a great turn out!!!!!

Next year will be bigger and better



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