Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DENIM LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!

Guys you know that I am a Denim Queen. My two favorite fabrics are Denim and Leather. Seeing to it that leather cannot be worn as the weather gets warmer you can definitely rock the Denim.
Here are a few pointers for both men and women on how to rock your denim.
Check out how Rihanna Rocked her Denim vest. She paired it with white distressed denim pants,a white tank top and flat oxford shoes.
Ciara paired her denim vest with white shorts, a tank top and a wedge heel.

Kim Kardashian paired her vest with white tank top and black leggings
I paired my customized denim vest with a white burnout tshirt and printed leggings.

You can add your Denim Vest to create a masculine, rock edge to any look. Such as a floral print dress, a maxi dress or you an just use it as an accessory layering piece.

Guys I havent forgot about you.

Chris Brown paired his denim with matching jeans and a blue tshirt

Guys don't be afraid to rock a denim vest. You can always use this as an accessory piece as well. You can layer it over a plain tshirt or a graphic tshirt.

Just a lil Style Pointer.



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