Saturday, November 26, 2011

Celebrity Makeup Artist Unique London gives tips on Skincare, Grooming and Makeup

Skin, Grooming and Makeup Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist Unique London
“ SO Beautiful, SO Natural, SO Unique!”

I have the pleasure of working alongside some of the most talented people in the industry. One of these people is Celebrity Makeup Artist Unique London. You may know her work from her day to day makeup artistry of Rocsi and Terrence J on BET 106 & Park. However she has worked with a number of celebrities, check out her website for her client list. I sat down with Unique and got some quick tips for the ladies and guys on how to maintain healthy skin, how to preserve you makeup and just basic cleansing advice.

1. Turn your crumbled blush into lipgloss easily by adding Vaseline or Vitamin E oil

2. To Neutralize lip color add foundation to lip to get your lipstick true to color.

3.  Mix your foundation and Moisturizer with SPF 15, and you will have a sheer makeup look.

4.  For long lasting makeup application apply primer for your skin type, don’t forget the lids.

5. For wintery blistered lips mix Neosporin and Vitamin E oil in container

6. When wearing liquid eyeliner, pick a neutral eyeshadow that’s close to your skin tone.

7.To put some life to dull skin add luminizer lotion to your foundation.

8.Sugar cubes is a great lip exfoliater!

9.A great body balm is melting coconut oil and adding coconut milk , cool down. It hydrates and softens the body.

  1. Always follow a skincare regimen, Cleanser, Toner, Eyecream/Serum,  Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher.
2. Apply honey on a pimple and cover overnight with a bandaid in the morning  you will see it disappear. Honey is a natural antibacterial.

3. Wash your face Black Soap is great for oily skin and use Tea Oil on your blemish at night.

     4. Exfoliant skin twice a week for normal to dry skin, for oily skin exfoliate every other day.

  1.  Tip from a barber friend of mine, Men  for ingrown  bumps,  wash face with a wet cloth as hot as you can take it and mix Neosporin and Clearisil together. Apply at night. ( Always test in neck area )        


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