Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fab Five: Tips to Jump Start Your Year Suggested by People Magazine Dec 2011

So lately I have been addicted to fashion magazines and must admit that some of the magazines really have some great pointers. People Magazine December 2011 issue had a section titled "Jump - Start Your Year" where they gave 7 tips on how to make 2012 your best year and how to stay happy, healthy and stress - free! So here are my top 5 tips out of the 7:

1. Organize your closet
I totally agree I think a clean closet will help you to see what you have and allow you to get dress quicker everyday Similar to how we organize the wardrobe closet at BET. I suggest you color coordinate. CEO of LA CLoset Design and designer Lisa adams suggest "Start by taking everything out and arranging clothes into "Keep","donate" and "maybe" piles." She says you should invite and honest friend who can tell what can stay and what should go.

2. Sneak exercise into your routine!
I do believe that working out lifts your mood, It relieves stress, boost yoour ego as well as keep you inshape. Andre Weil M.D, author of Spontaneous Happiness says that "exercise doesn;t mean just going to the gym. It can mean walking an extra lap around the mall or taking the stairs at work."

3. Wake up your space
Remodeling your home or adding a lil splash on a budget will definetly make you feel better. People  Mag suggest that you "Rearrange furniture!" and/or "Paint something!"

4. Eat something green!
Eating vegetables and salads will give you energy and a great body cleanser.

5. Laugh it Up!
According to Dr.Weil, "the simple act of smiling can help generate positive feelings in your brain." Positive Energy breeds positive energy. Surround yourself with positive people it will help motivate you.

Thank You People Magazine for the amazing and helpful tips.
Love Live Style

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