Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Hidden Treasure" NYC Fashion Part I : Beacon Closet

So this past Saturday I met up with my friends Fashion Designer Kanarr Larique at Radio Personality Patrice Demns and we hit the streets of NYC looking for Hidden Fashion Treasures. Our first stop was Beacons Closet located at 10 W 13th st. Beacon Closet I must say is an amazing vintage store. Not only do they sell vintage pieces but they buy vintage pieces. So if there are some things that you have in your closet
or some old pieces from your Granny closet. This is the placed to bring them to. You get a percentage of what they will sell it for.

As I browsed through the store I spotted some really fashionable jackets, bags and footwear:


Here are some of my Fabulous Finds:

Tune in for the next post to see what other stores we discovered.

Until Next time!



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